Economic Development and Workforce Development

I've spent my career working on issues that are central to creating jobs.  As State Director for South Dakota's tech schools and President/CEO of the Associated General Contractors Building Chapter, I partnered with business leaders across the state to ensure our workforce was adequately trained to fill jobs.  We live in  competitive economic environment with other state vying to recruit the same businesses.  South Dakota must ensure our workforce is trained to meet the challenge.  I want to be your voice by leveraging this experience in the legislature and the business world to continue to be an advocate for District 14.

Investing in a World-Class Education System

Children are our future and most important asset.  I support improving opportunities for K-12 programs, training in technical fields, and post-secondary programs.  Education opens doors and opportunity in life.  We must ensure our children have a bright future where they are effectively equipped with the knowledge and skill set to enter the workforce.  Education is a key component to ensure we can compete in the regional and global economy. 

Keeping Your Taxes Low

South Dakota has thrived because of our low tax, business friendly environment.  Higher taxes mean more money out of your pocket.  Keeping taxes low encourages businesses to create jobs.  Low taxes also provide an incentive for businesses to start and relocate to South Dakota.

Holding the Line on Government Spending

It’s important to take a common sense to spending.  Budgets are about priorities which
must be set and then funded according the money we have.   I’ve managed budgets and had to make payroll. 
Just like a family budget, our state must live within our means.  I support finding efficiencies and eliminating
unnecessary spending.  Those dollars should be redirected to programs that work.